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Have an amazing Dubai Desert Safari experience even in the summers

To have a typically Arabian holiday experience. Book yourself a Desert Safari in a 4×4 land cruiser that goes over the dunes of Dubai’s best sand dunes. Take pictures with a camel and falcons.On your Desert Safari get henna tattooed your hands. And also delve your toes into the sand at the Desert Safari.

You can also enjoy a conventional dining experience and different entertainment programs as the nightfall acquires a sky of a thousand stars. This makes it a beautiful experience for your Desert Safari. Remember to rise ahead of schedule for nature’s first show of the day — a peaceful desert sunrise experience.

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Desert Safari in the Summers

Desert Safari in Dubai can be a very entertaining and enjoyable experience throughout the entire year, Even the summers! With a mid-year Summer Desert Safari offering an intrigue to the majority of its own.

One of the reasons is that it’s cooler amidst the desert (in the nighttime) than it is in the city. The low dampness and ground water levels in the desert imply that the daytime heat isn’t held once the sun goes down. Thus, the temperature is about seven degrees cooler in the Desert Safari than other areas.

This clarifies why Bedouin clans have effectively explored desert summers for a considerable length of time – to the degree that numerous local people still love to set up tents and shelter in the desert at whatever point they get a chance on their Desert Safari.

The Bedouins have a couple of summer survival privileged insights that are helpful to know, which many Desert Safari administrators have used to adjust their advertising and marketing. This incorporates desert tents being set up on a hill so as to benefit as much as possible from cooling breezes.

Some of them also offer virus towels and chilled beverages at the desert camps for people on their Desert Safari. These are additionally normally prepared with cooling units. The timing, obviously, is critical. This is because most Desert Safaris are planned for the late evening through night. To battle the remaining warmth, you shoulddress in free, light garments, and drink loads of water on your Desert Safari.

What do we offer?

You will be picked from your hotel or lodgings in aAC SUV to save you from the summer heat for the lengthy head out from the city into the rollingsand dunes.

The feeling of experience of the Desert Safari starts once the expressway road is replaced by sand, so, all things considered the drivers collapse the vehicle’s tire weight, enabling it to drive on the delicate surface without soaking in.

At that point, the tourists are up for around an hour of appreciating an exciting crazy ride like episode of going mud romping. It is bound to get your adrenaline high. Typically slowing down around dusk,

The groups of tourists on Desert Safari head to the customary desert camp set-up for an Arabian evenings style evening total with the entertainment and BBQ supper.

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