Enjoy autumn in japan- the Season of festivals

Fall Colors 2021: Top 25 Breathtaking Places For Autumn Leaves In Japan |  LIVE JAPAN travel guide

The celebration of Autumn equinox happens on22nd September. It is a national holiday in Japan and popular as Shubun-no-hi. It is also a celebration of paying respect t the deceased ones of the family. So autumn is an interesting time to visit the country. The autumn leaves are one of the chief reasons why tourists love to flock in during the autumn season. Tokyo and Kyoto are the most popular cities, and Nikko town is famous for the leaves. It is a wonderful sight to behold the autumn leaves covering the streets of Japan. It will be a memorable experience to see Meiji Jingu Gaine along with the iconic Ginkgo trees, which exhibit the colorful hues of yellow and red.

Perfect weather

If you are planning to visit Japan, you must plan to visit during autumn in JapanExploring japan during the autumn seasons will be a great idea with the temperature consistent at an optimum point. You can walk through the lanes without sweating and browse the shops to find the appropriate souvenir. 15th September is the custom day for traditional moon viewing. The Japanese people fill the vases with pampas grass and the autumnal herbs, and they also offer food at the windows and the viewpoints. It is a beautiful celebration. 


Throughout the year, several festivals are going on in Japan. Autumn is a great time to witness some of the festivals like Jidai Matsuri. It is an annual occurrence in October month when three festivals go on. People of all ages enjoy and celebrate the tradition. You can also witness the Oktoberfest-style beer festivals, which is something you cannot miss. The colorful street parades look awesome. To top it all, the airline’s fares are always lowest at this season. Now you can book the tickets for autumn 2021 to have a wonderful stay and experience. 


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