Shillong is a hill station famous for its tranquillity and quietude. As soon as you set foot here, you will be carried away to a world of peace and other-worldly experience. Without any doubt, the ‘Scotland of the East’ is an enchanting place with cold weather that will compel you to fetch a blanket. But for party lovers, the chilled air is a cue to grab a pint of beer or tap their foot to grooving rock music. And yes, the Shillong locals know how to party!

Most non-locals assume that Shillong lacks nightlife, and people rush back in when the sun disappears behind the horizon. That is not true at all! There are several pubs, clubs, and lounges where tourists can make new acquaintances and get to know the locals or other fellow travelers. 

You don’t have to travel much to reach the party places in Shillong. They are nestled within the heart of the city. It is best to reach these spots by 7.00 or 8.00 PM because the fun atmosphere starts to dissipate around 11.00 PM. For accommodation, you can choose Treebo Shillong Hotels, which offers steal deals on the website and mobile application. 

And….drum roll! Here are the best pubs and clubs to explore in the Capital City of Meghalaya!

  1. Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is one of the most sought-out roof-top clubs in Shillong. For over a decade, the place served several tourists, leveled up its party game, and attracted crowds from across Meghalaya. It has a cozy and enjoyable interior with a seating capacity for over 100 people. The music starts slow and picks up the beat once the folks occupy the dance floor. The nightclub also offers a breathtaking view of the Shillong hills. Several infamous artists perform and set the mood here. The club is in Police Bazaar, an area where you can reach very easily using local transport. 

  1. Deja Vu

Deja Vu is a beautiful place that screams ‘comfort’ as soon as you enter. The place has warm lighting that reflects beautifully off of its pastel furniture color palette. The waiters are very friendly, take care of your orders professionally, and give you the best time possible. The cuisine is dominantly Cantonese, but you will find other delicacies as well. On the weekends, you will see local artists perform their musical bits here. Even if you do not understand the language, sometimes, the music will make you sway and relax.

  1. Tango

Tango is one of the elite bars in Shillong. It has space for chilled-out seating and a very conspicuous discotheque that lures people in. The bar menu has a wide variety of international cocktails and local brands too. You will find the chefs making some of the most delicious Indian, Chinese, and Continental dishes. The parties are very loud, and the crowd loves the DJs and Karaoke nights. They have occasional music events that happen on a ‘Selected few/Invite-only’ basis. 

  1. Platinum 

Platinum is very famous for its choice of music. We hear people say that the tunes relax their minds and they feel much better after a long day’s work. The place is very sophisticated, with a bar menu that will impress spirit lovers. The neon lights add a much-needed touch of party vigor. The place offers food from across the world, so you must try something that you’ve never had before. Platinum closes sooner than the other pubs/clubs, so plan your visit accordingly. 

  1. Klonge Lounge Bar

If you want to avoid loud music and prefer a silent night with your drinks, the Klonge Lounge bar is the place for you. The locals prefer to drop by for some quick refreshments. Along with the international brands, you will find some of the best local alcohol choices. The food choices are impressive, with cuisines from across the world. After your long day of sightseeing and shopping, this will be the best place to loosen up. 

  1. Piccadilly

This is the perfect club that caters to the needs of all its visitors. As soon as you step in, you will experience the ambiance of a bar from the English lands. One section holds people who prefer to sway to light music and sip on their alcohol. On the other side, people are dancing like there is no tomorrow! The food is delicious, and you will have a gala time in this nightlife spot! 

  1. Polo Irish Pub

This pub is great for people who enjoy the presence of crowds. During the weekends, you will have to squeeze your way in, most preferably with a reservation. The youngsters of Shillong are in love with the pub, and for all the right reasons. The dim lighting numbs your mind, and the loud music elevates the spirits. You can dance to the tunes, munch on the best food, and gulp down drinks that send involuntary shivers down your spine!  

  1. Mikado Lounge

Mikado Lounge is the perfect place for families or friends to come over and have a good meal. They offer the best delicacies that melt on your tongue. But that’s not all! During the weekend, the place gets a complete makeover! DJs from across the state stop by to make you groove to their tunes. The atmosphere is electrifying with the cheering mob and laughs echoing in the place. 

If you are someone who doesn’t prefer the pub-club vibe, here’s what you can do.

  1. Cafe Shillong 

Cafe Shillong is the perfect place to dwell in a cozy ambience. There is no alcohol and absolutely no loud music. You can sit down with your friends/partner and speak your heart out. You will have to try their European specialities and sip on the perfectly made English tea. The hosts understand the menu very well, and that makes it much easier to pick a meal that suits your choices. 

  1. Lewduh Bazaar

Also called the Bara Bazaar, this is the local market and trading center in Shillong. The local men and women bring their handcrafted goods and sell them here. You will find exotic fruits, vegetables, and spices too. The place has a very lively atmosphere at night because of the bargaining banter.

  1. Police Bazaar

Police Bazaar is a prominent area in Shillong that is famous for street shopping. You will find several traditional shops, cafes, food joints, and entertainment activities. Some of the best bars and clubs are situated near this locality.

  1. Camping under Tents

You cannot come to a hill station and forget all about camping. Tourists often go on morning treks in the Khari hills and settle down in their tents during the night. The enchanting view of the mountains and sparkling stars cannot be described in words. While you are at it, why not make yourself a good ‘Pahadi Maggi’? 

It is always wise to look for stays that lie close to your nightclubs or party spots. You don’t have to travel a lot with feet that are threatening to kill you after those alcohol-driven super-duper moves! Treebo Hotels in Shillong will feel like home after your captivating night out in the place. You are sure to find the best among the rest. 

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Shillong is a place that has something to offer to everyone who decides to come here. You will be astonished by its natural beauty and equally entertained by the nightlife. Without a second thought, grab your warm wools and visit the finest hill station in the northeast!  


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