A Must-Follow Healthy Schedule That Makes Travel With Pet Easy

Health of your pet dog while on the move is as important as that of any other family member. Your pet can show sign of distress by panting regularly, by restricting activities and sometimes pacing around restlessly. They also stop eating properly when the travel stress hits. Thus, to keep the dog healthy and positive, you need to follow a schedule which has to be strict yet a bit flexible enough to help the pet cope with varying conditions. Some of the very important activities to include in the schedule of the dog are:

  • Diet plan for dogs

Dogs need to be fed fairly well. Their original diet comprises mostly of meats and certain grains, vegetables and fruits. Click here to find the best quality pet food based on lamb, beef, fish and etc. The dogs need to eat meat-based packed food as main meal. It can be given twice a day, preferably at a gap of eight hours. They can also be given servings of fruits and other chewy vegetables like sweet potato rich in carbohydrates and anti-oxidants. These servings not only work as fillers but provide them requisite dose of vitamins, minerals, and good fatty acids.

The daily diet of dog should have sufficient amount of water too. Dogs are an agile species. You need to keep their body hydrated and well-fed to let them be themselves and do the requisite amount of activities throughout the travel.

There are certain don’ts to consider seriously. Many a times, we tend to feed the dog with the food we eat on the midway motel or pack with us. We also are inclined to trying cat foods for them. The plethora of packed food brands may attract you into trying something different regularly. All these can prove to be hazardous for dog health while travelling. Though you may try different brands, but keep the one that is liked by the dog in store with you. You cannot force the dog to eat something new just because you are travelling.

Things to be aware of about experimenting with dog’s diet are:

  1. Never go for no-meat diet. Have a stock of packed foods based on lamb meat or beef handy even if you are totally vegetarian.
  2. Never replace dog food with cat food. It can make it bulky and overstuffed with certain foods which are made naturally in its body.
  3. Never feed dogs the grapes, raisins, or other human foods which are actually toxic for dogs.

  • Health care plan for dogs

Dog health routine is your prime responsibility as its parent. You have to be particular about the health maintenance schedule of the dog. You must visit the veterinarian as advised and find all about the possible reactions the pet can give during the travel. Also, the vaccination schedule should be followed strictly. The vaccine for heartworm is one amongst various others that should be given to the dogs ready to travel without fail. The dogs should be given healthy place while travelling, free from ticks and fleas and it should be cleaned regularly too. Apart from good food and medicines, you need a proper exercising routine handy. Exercising helps keeping joints healthy and body active which help dogs maintain good mood.

  1. Grooming plan for dogs

Dogs cannot be left alone to deal with new situations while travel. They need training to adjust to new challenges. You can train dogs to adjust by giving them in advance a thorough grooming routine that keeps them happy and fresh for long. The grooming activities include:

  • Brushing dog’s teeth regularly and checking them for development of plaque and tartar.
  • Cleaning dog’s ear. The ears are easy breeding grounds for ticks and they can be attacked by certain other pests too. Thus, you should keep them clean.
  • Bathe the dog thoroughly. It helps avoid skin and hair diseases and keep them away from various allergic reactions too.
  • Comb dog hair. It helps you find if the hair are falling in troublesome amounts or if there is any breeding of ticks happening.

Dogs are the best companions you can think of while travel. They are loyal and reliable. But, they can be their best self when all the above requirements are met to the best of the capabilities. So, give the dogs all they deserve and enjoy a lovely pet company while on the move.

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