There are so many things to do in Lake Bled

When you think of Lake Bled, you can imagine many sports activities that you can do on top of sightseeing around this area. There are so many sightseeing places you can visit, but we strongly advise you to dedicate a day or two of your holidays for sport activities. You can choose between loads of things to do in lake Bled on you website, or come to our office (or call us) and we will find a perfect activity to do in lake Bled for you. We will provide you with all needed equipment and our experienced guides will be right next to you the whole time.

What separates us from other agencies?

The Altitude activities team is enthusiastic about sport and we are dedicated to make your holidays a blast. If you do not have time to join our organised activity among our offer of things to do in Lake Bled, or you have a special wish, we will consider Altitude activities agency is specialised in adrenaline activities and things to do in Lake Bled will be even more pleasurable with us. Whether this only includes cycling around the lake and surroundings of Bled, with a delicious ice cream at the end, or top fitness level- required climb to mount Triglav, our highly certified and experienced guides will be next to you and guide you all the way.

If you cannot decide what to do

There really are a lot of things to do in Lake Bled, and we believe that it is hard to decide sometimes. And that is when our agency Altitude activities comes in handy. If you are a group, we will really try to customize our offer of things to do in Lake Bled according to your wishes and time limits, so that you will be able to experience as much as possible during the days or hours you have available.

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