Visa for Canada

Canada is a country having beautiful scenic views and alluring landscapes. It is a wealthy state and has a mix of people from different nationalities, which makes it a popular destination for tourists. Despite being a developed state, Canada offers several work opportunities to people from all over the world, making it a top-pick destination for visitors. The Canadian government focuses hard on only legally allowing foreigners to enter their estate. So, it is crucial to know the types of workers visa which the Canadian government offers. This article covers all details on how to get a work visa for Canada?

Every year, around three lakh people visit Canada for temporary and permanent work permits. The Ministry of Employment and social development grants this visa. It depends upon the applicant’s nationality that how and what type of visa, he gets issued. You’ve to consult the Refugees and Citizenship Canada (RCC) for processing the visa application. Nobody can enter the country without the work permit granted by the officials. For obtaining a visa, you need to have a work permit and an offer letter from the Canadian employer. The employer must apply for the Labour Market Impact Association(LIMA). The ESDC issues these approval certificates. If a positive certificate gets issued, that means that there are no permanent citizens of Canada who stands eligible for this job. So, the employer is hiring a foreign worker. However, in the following situations, the work permit may be granted without fulfilling the LIMA requirement. They are; If the work activity will bring any cultural or economic benefits to the country. There will be no need to have a LIMA if a mutual deal gets signed benefitting both the countries, for instance, teacher and youth exchange programs. Any international students who are conducting some research work or fulfilling their academic requirements can stay in Canada without a LIMA approval. After the LIMA is granted, the employer should send a copy of positive LIMA and an employment offer letter to the foreign worker. As the documents are received, the foreign worker shall apply for the work visa immediately. The work visa will be handed over to the applicant by the Canada border services agency(CBSA) officer as the applicant arrives as a foreign worker at the Canadian airport.

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How to Apply for Canada Visa Online:

It is effortless to apply online for getting a Canadian visa. For this, you need to have a scanner and an HD camera. Scan all of your required documents and save them in your computer’s hard-disk. First, you need to read the instructions carefully before filling the form. Once you’ve submitted the E-Visa application form, you will receive a biometric enrollment letter. Pay the fee for biometric otherwise; you’ll suffer delays. If your visa application is accepted, you’ll get notified via email to send your passport to the visa office. The passport will be safely returned to the visa office, and the applicant will be informed to collect the passport.  Later on, the decision will be conveyed to the applicant.

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